What can you expect from a typical day at Woodchester Endowed?

Our school day starts at 8.45 am when the school bell rings. There is always a member of staff on duty in the playground from 8.35 am.

School Timings

At 8.45 am our 5 classes line up outside to file into school. Starting with our youngest class Ash, the children are led to their respective classes for registration.  The school day ends at 3.15 pm and children can be collected from the playground.


A school assembly is held each day, but each day with a different focus:

  • Monday - Open the Book
  • Tuesday - Singing Practice
  • Wednesday - Assembly given by the Ministry Team of St. Mary's parish church, Woodchester
  • Thursday - Assembly delivered by our headteacher or led by one of our classes whose parents are welcome to attend
  • Friday - Celebration assembly.    


KS1 children have a morning break, lunch break, and one afternoon break.

KS2 children have a morning break, and lunch break.

All children will have an opportunity to take part in the 'Daily Mile' run.


Lunches are freshly prepared and delivered by Caterlink, gold award winners for Food for Life.  Caterlink use locally sourced ingredients when available and in season, and give a choice of three meals from the menu (which includes a vegetarian option) and pudding or fruit. 

KS1 children are entitled to free school lunches, and in KS2 lunches cost £2.20 per meal.  Children can bring in a packed lunch from home if they prefer. Payment for school meals can be made through ParentPay.

Extra activities during the school day

Many extra activities are provided by the school free of charge, such as dance lessons, acrobatics, music tasters, iSingPop and Life Bus, as well as activities that we may subsidise or ask for contributions for such as swimming lessons and school trips.  We are always on the lookout for adventures to enhance our children's lives. 


Clubs take place straight after school and finish at 4.15 pm.  These can be run by our teachers and parents who generously volunteering their time and skills.  Some clubs are provided by outside specialists, in which case, a small charge has to be made.   We try hard to provide a variety of clubs throughout the year including football, rugby, dance, Mini Marines, netball, rounders, art and craft, Purple Mash, band, recorders and country dancing.  


Homework is always a difficult one to get right, and any school is criticised for giving too much or too little homework.  We do not do either to the extreme, and homework steadily builds as your child progresses through the school.  Weekly spellings and daily reading are expected from Y1, spellings then continue through the school.  By Y3 and Y4, one piece of homework is given per week, and two pieces are given in Y5 and Y6.

Teachers are in email contact with parents about homework, and in KS2 the children have their own online school accounts for checking and submitting homework, so parents are easily able to keep abreast of it.  Internet safety is taken very seriously, so only once we feel children are old enough to understand our internet safety rules are they given an account.