Tuesday 5th February 2019 was Internet Safety Day and this is a day when children all over the country have some dedicated time to think about keeping themselves safe online.  This is something we take very seriously at Woodchester Endowed and we do our best to equip our children with experiences that will enable them to make informed choices.

Ash class used the story ‘Smartie, the Penguin’ to think about what to do if something unusual pops up on screen.  Beech Class used the ‘Thinkuknow’ guide to understand more about information sharing on line. In Hawthorn Class they learned that you need to have permission to post photos online and how to deal with others who ask you to do this.  Through role play, the children in Juniper explored different scenarios they might encounter whilst on line and how they might deal with them.

  Finally, Willow Class explored the dangers of misinformation on the Internet and how to identify ‘fake news’.  The children created a poster with a checklist of strategies to help spot misleading online information.


On Tuesday 5th February, Juniper Class had an Internet Safety Day when we learnt about different situations online in the form of role plays.  Here are some examples of the role plays tht we produced:

City Bock - this was about asking before downoading games and checking the terms and conditions

Just a Selfie - this was about taking selfies of a group and then posting it on social media without everyone's consent

by Scarlett, Issy, Gemma and Libby