Pupil Premium Grant

Pupil Premium is an allocation of money that schools are provided with, for identified pupils.  These pupils fall broadly into three categories:

·         In receipt of Free School Meals at any point during the previous 6 years

·         A service child (one whose parents serve in the armed forces)

·         A child in care

Schools receive a payment, or Pupil Premium, for each child who is registered as fitting the criteria set out within these three groups. The Government provides this money to ensure that these children are supported in their academic attainment and progress.  Schools are given autonomy to spend the money as they see fit, however they are accountable to showing the impact that the spend is having on the pupils who are entitled to the Pupil Premium.

Woodchester Endowed CEVA Primary School currently has a small number of children in receipt of Pupil Premium and we are committed to ensuring that its use is as effective as possible on the learning and wider outcomes of those who are entitled. 

Through the use of a designated Premium Support Team, made up of staff and Governors, the progress and well being of pupils entitled to the Pupil Premium are consistently an area of focus.  Analysis of data, learning in books and Teaching and Learning is used in conjunction with targeted discussions to provide a full picture of individuals and their needs.  This then feeds into Improvement Planning, whereby Continuing Professional Development is sharply focused on ensuring Quality First Teaching is as effective as possible, through reference to latest research.  Interventions are put in place for individuals and groups for those in need of specific support in areas learning.  In addition, pupil's Wider Outcomes are discussed and addressed, as the well being of children has a direct impact on their learning and progress.

For further information, see page 3, 'Approaches to Pupil Premium' at Woodchester Endowed.

Please refer to page 2, for our Report on the 'Impact of Pupil Premium' for 2016/2017.