Offer of Early Help

“Providing early help is more effective in promoting the welfare of children than reacting later. Early help means providing support as soon as a problem emerges, at any point in a child’s life, from the foundation years through to teenage years.”


Working Together to Safeguard Children, Department for Education, March 2015

Children’s welfare is at the very heart of all that we aim to achieve at Woodchester Endowed Primary School.  Throughout their time at our school, children will have changing needs that we need to address in order to support their wellbeing.  We do not believe this to be a simply reactive process.  As the document Working Together to Safeguard Children tells us, we should be providing support as soon as a problem emerges.  At Woodchester, we take that idea one step further: we are proactive in equipping children with the skills they need to manage challenging situations before they arise. We also refer to Keeping Children Safe in Education as a basis for our approaches to Early Help.

Universal: Even at the universal stage, children may need support for a variety of reasons.  We are a Mindful school, whereby we support the Emotional Wealth of children through the explicit teaching of Mindfulness as part of an overall approach to supporting wellbeing.  This aims to equip children with techniques to manage challenging or stressful situations, in order to meet our Vision of Making Memories for LIFE.  As a Mindful school, we also aim to provide the opportunity for children to think about and verbalise their concerns in order for any further support to be triggered as soon as possible.  This is supported by our JIGSAW curriculum that supports children's understanding of their emotional wellbeing through a mindful approach.

Vulnerable:  At different times, children may be identified as being vulnerable (needing additional support due to emotional, social and/or health development/needing a coordinated multi agency intervention).  This may be raised by the child themselves, by the parents, by staff or, more usually, by all stakeholders as part of regular communications.  This will trigger further support within school and, potentially, beyond school.  Woodchester Endowed Primary School offers sand play and direct work (resilience coaching) for individuals with a need.  The school employs both psychotherapy and child psychology services directly to ensure these needs are met in a timely manner.  A CAF may be appropriate for support through multi-agencies such as PPP parenting courses, medical support and /or other specific need. 

Should the need of the child go beyond this point, the external support of the Gloucestershire Safeguarding Board will be contacted as per our Safeguarding Policy.  This does not mean that the support of Woodchester Endowed Primary School lessons.  The school will continue to support the needs of the child and family through communicating with all stakeholders and putting in place relevant provision.

Parents, children, carers, professionals and practitioners can all access help and support from their local Early Help Hub.






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If you believe a child or young person is at significant risk of harm, please contact the Children's Helpdesk