It is extremely important that our vision clearly articulates our values, our unique Christian distinctiveness and that we can demonstrate how effectively our vision is lived out.  As a Church of England School we are inspected against SIAMs and a new schedule was implemented in September 2018 so it seems a fitting time to revisit our vision statement and reflect on who we are and what we are trying to achieve.  

On 4th April 2019, Governors and Staff held a vision workshop to explore our vision statement, our strengths and unique qualilties as a school within our own particular context.  All stakeholders, parents, local and church community, and most importantly, children were all consulted.  

This workshop was very successful and a great opportunity to explore our Christian distinctiveness and how we live out our values.  We hope to have finalised our Vision statement very shortly.

Please see below summaries of the various thoughts and comments from all stakeholders explored during the workshop.  A huge thank you to everyone who contributed and helped make our workshop such a success.