Values for Life

The core values we embrace at Woodchester Endowed Primary School guide each and every aspect of our daily school life. Friendship, Respect, Truthfulness, Trust, Responsibility and Forgiveness not only imparts what we say, but informs the people who say it.

We are very proud of the values demonstrated throughout the Woodchester community. Each term we learn about a Christian Value. These values are discussed and reflected upon during worship times and in school life. Regardless of one's beliefs, these values are integral to leading a positive, rewarding and fulfilling life. Everyday we are lucky enough to witness young people demonstrating these values with each other. Everyday we are privileged in helping young people understand the world around them. Everyday young people make us smile! 

Timetable for our Values

  2018-19 2019-20 2020-21
Term 1 Trust Generosity Friendship
Term 2 Peace Respect Thankfulness
Term 3 Creativity Wisdom Compassion
Term 4 Forgiveness Perseverance Humility
Term 5 Justice Service Truthfulness
Term 6 Courage Responsibility Hope