Sheep are often referenced in the Bible, more than 500 times, and more than any other animal.  They often are used to refer to God's people and God is described as a shepherd, best know is Pslm 23.  Jesus referred to himself as the Good Shepherd in John 10.  

Each of the Church of England schools took it in turns to look after the sheep.  We hope that sheep enjoyed his time at Woodchester Endowed Church of England Primary School and we thank him for reminding us that we are all part of our family as we are all part of God's wider family.  

The children named him Baaaartholomew!  We hope that Baaaaartholomew had an enjoyable time getting to know our community and exploring our locality.  It was lovely to meet Baaaaaartholow again during the Leavers' Service at Gloucestershire Cathedral proudly displaying his Woodchester mosiac.

'Ummm.  I wonder what's in here, then?' says Sheep as he wondered into St Mary's Church.  Later, some very nice children decorated him with a fine mosiac and then he was presented with a pebble during worship.  Now he is definitely part of the Woodchester Endowed Church of England family.  A warm welcome to Sheep.

Now part of the family, Sheep helped in the Open the Book drama.  Did he escape prison?  Thank goodness, he did.  Now he can do some learning inside with a class and outside with the Mini Marines.  Let's hope he was able to solve the problems and helped his team.

It is exhausting being a sheep in school so time for some lunch with a friendly young man in Ash Class and then on to help in the Harvest Service.  Oooh, she's rather friendly!  Yes, that's Vicky from the charity Kids Stuff, she came to help us and collected our donations.


Finally, Sheep went home with two of our children and got to meet some real sheep before he was tucked up for a cosy sleep.

Each Wednesday monrning, Communion takes place at St Mary's Church in  Woodchester and Sheep decided he had better introduce himself.  The parishioners gave him a very warm welcome and although word has it that he may have nibbled some bread.  After his fill of bread, Sheep trotted off to Forest School to explore the outdoors and meet some new creatures.