Our Vision

Making Memories for LIFE
Learning; Inspiration; Faith; Everyone


At Woodchester Endowed Primary School we Make Memories for LIFE. Through the inspirational learning experiences rooted in our Christian Faith and core values which we provide and share at Woodchester, these memories are what our children take with them throughout their school life and beyond.

The memories of Learning, Inspiration, Faith and Everybody, incorporate the core aspects of what we believe our children need to prepare them for both now and the future, shaping their character, values and success.

Memories of Learning: Academic success is crucial and we will ensure our standards are comparable to the highest possible. Children will learn to communicate, to be leaders, to be responsible citizens and how to keep themselves safe and care for each other.

Memories of Inspiration: Our school will be inspirational. A broad and balanced curriculum will contribute to experiences that cause awe and wonder within learning. The learning environment will celebrate success, model aspirations, contribute to learning and inspire through creativity.

Memories of Faith: Our children will experience an education rooted in our Christian Faith. We will encourage and understand the meaning and significance of faith and promote Christian values through the experience it offers to all pupils.

Memories of Everybody: We aim to learn about, and alongside others. Respecting everybody, through a clear understanding of fundamental values, will be an expectation of all.

Our Vision document can be downloaded in full here.

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