About Woodchester Endowed

Church of England (Aided) Primary School

Our school is in the heart of Woodchester village, beautifully set in the Nailsworth Valley.  Currently we have just under 140 children in school. The clear vision and values we hold enable our talented staff to do their best for the individual child through an imaginative, creative, varied and stimulating education.  We are a closely knit community with St. Mary's our parish church, and its members, who visit our school every week for 'Open the Book' and let us make the most of the church for regular celebrations. 

Our Victorian building was built in 1889 and in recent years a spacious and airy wing to the school has been added, still leaving our sports field and extensive play areas intact.  An inspection as far back as 1890 merited the school as having the 'highest grades possible' and it has consistently remained a good school.  Our Ofsted and SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) are glowing reports which praise the school as 'outstanding' in all areas; we are a school that is doing its absolute best for every child. 

Our school's emblem is the Woodchester Lion, taken from a Roman mosaic now buried below Woodchester.  The hidden mosaic is beautifully intricate, showing Orpheus charming all forms of animal life with his lyre.  Originally part of a Roman villa, the mosaic was last revealed in 1973, and is unlikely ever to be seen by the public again.  

Children continue to learn through outside play in our gardens, forest area, outdoor musical instrument area, playground, grassy field and hard surface sports court.   We provide sanctuary and peace in our 'Reflective Garden', where children can pause to take precious time to reflect.  We are a Christian school seeing opportunities to inspire spiritual growth.