Support Staff

Mrs. Oliver

Mrs. Oliver, Teaching Assistant, works full time in Ash supporting Mrs Holmes.

Mrs. Wilkins

Mrs. Wilkins, Teaching Assistant, works in Beech supporting Mrs. Witts. She is also a lunchtime supervisor.

Mrs. Cook

Mrs Cook, Teaching Assistant, provides classroom support in Juniper and is a lunch time supervisor.

Mrs. Trusty

Mrs. Trusty, Teaching Assistant, provides support in Hawthorn. 

Mrs. Megson

Mrs. Megson, Teaching Assistant, covers PPA in all three junior classes. She teaches Hawthorn on a Monday, supports SEN groups on a Tuesday and Wednesday, and covers Juniper and Willow alternately on Thursdays. She also leads art across the school.

Miss. Haughton

Miss. Haughton, Teaching Assistant, provides support in both Willow and Hawthorn. She is also a lunch time supervisor.

Mrs. Davis

Mrs. Davis is the school secretary (not on Mondays).

Mrs. Latham

Mrs. Latham works in school to support children in both KS2 and KS1.  She covers PPA in Beech class and is also a Governor.