Safer Internet Day 2020

The annual Safer Internet Day is organised by Insafe throughout the world, with the UK initiative organised by the UK Safer Internet Centre. Each year has a relevant focus for children and young people with workshops, assemblies and lessons aimed at helping children to understand how to stay safe online in this ever-increasing digital world.

This year, on Tuesday 11th February, Woodchester participated in the topic of ‘Am I free to be me online?’  A very pertinent topic given the ever- increasing usage of social media such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and WhatsApp. 

All years took part with Ash and Beech focussing on watching a series of videos about Hector’s World – an animated cartoon that follows Hector, a dolphin, who is asked to make friends online and give information about himself over the Internet.  The children were very clear that they should not share their personal details with someone they do not know!

In KS2, there was lively discussion about how much can you be yourself on line.  Discussions and games helped us to decide whether we could share truthful information about ourselves without giving away too much. We decided that we could share our favourite foods, types of animals or colours as long as we didn't share where we were, our real photos, real names or addresses.  We also talked about how the internet can give us the freedom to be ourselves as long as we treat it responsibly.  One group came to the conclusion that the internet would allow them to be themselves if they were a Spurs fan living in Liverpool! 

We are already looking forward to Safer Internet Day 2021, so save 9th February 2021 in your smartphones!

Further information on the UK Safer Internet Centre can be found here -

Further information on Hector’s World, useful for EYFS and KS1 children can be found here -