In Ash, during Maths Focus Week, we have explored the way Maths and Art are closely linked in the form of shapes, colour and pattern. We recreated the Paul Klee artwork The Castle and the Sun by using 2D shapes. We also looked at Aboriginal Art and the dot patterns and colours that are used in this style of painting. 



We looked at symmetry and some children worked on the computer to complete picures of symmetrical shapes whilst others drew, looked in mirrors and made symmetrical pictures.

We also looked at a number code and sent messages using the code.


We constructed arrays outside with sticks and stones and we visited each others arrays and wrote sums for these.

In the afternoon, we found out about abstract artist Piet Mondrian and how he represented thoughts and feeling about life the universe and everything in shapes and colours. We created our own abtract pictures using rectangles and colours.

Thursday  World book Day

We started the day with 'Where’s Wally' books and looked for Wally.  We did Data handling about our favourite books and looked at ways to keep data - lists and tally charts and a physical block graph. 


We finished the week with another look at a code called PIGPEN and tried to send messages to each other.



We have really enjoyed problem solving and using practical skills in Maths this week.  We have measured wing spans, used our origami skills to make 2D shapes and works of art, played times table games outside in the playground and used our reasoning skills to get different frogs across a river. 

"Can we do this again next week?"