In February 2019, the Welsh Bird of Prey Centre came to spent the afternoon with the children.  Mike, the falconer, brought seven different birds with him and introduced us to each of them in turn, giving interesting information and facts about each species.  It was fascinating to learn about where and how they live as well as how they are specially adapted to hunt. 

Did you know the goshawk is the only bird of prey that will attack other birds of prey?

Mike brought with him a kestrel, a common buzzard, a goshawk, a red tailed hawk, a tawny owl, a lanner and a very large eurasion eagle owl.  A few very lucky children had the opportunity of handling a beautiful bird.  

Mike was very impressed by the help he received from some Year 6 children in setting up as well as with the respectful listening of the audience.  It was a super afternoon, a real treat!