School Council and NSPCC 'Speak Out, Stay Safe'


On Wednesday 25th September, Year 5 and 6 children met with a representative of the NSPCC for a workshop about keeping safe.

‘We learned about bullying, different sorts of abuse and how to speak out and stay safe.  We had a quiz about what was OK and what wasn’t.  The mascot for the NSPCC is called Buddy and he is a great big green speech bubble! We learned that there are many different types of abuse and you should always tell a trusted adult if you have any worries. 

It was very helpful to know there are people like Childline that you can call and will help us to stay safe.  If you need to call Childline their number is 0800 1111. ’Their website is

 by Nick and Scarlett (Willow Class)

We talked about S.T.O.P which stands for Stop teasing On Purpose.  We also watched  a film about neglect and at the end we got a buddy kit which was like an emotional first aid kit.

By Noah H and Charlotte (Juniper Class) 


What a fantastic way to learn about keeping safe.  The assembly was very informative, the workshop encouraged us to be reflective and make good choices, the fundraising gave the School Council a project to oversee.  Organising a 'Wear Something Green Day' and an information workshop for parents and governors enabled members of the school community to learn together.  Many congratulations to the School Council and all children and families for working together and raising £222.38 for the NSPCC.