Here at Woodchester, we very much value the many learning experiences that a varied and enriching curriculum can offer our children.  As part of this, Focus Weeks are regularly planned for, often with a focus on one or more particular subject areas.  

In June, staff worked hard to provide children with a broad range of opportunities to enjoy and learn from.  Here are some examples of the week's activities and learning.

Meeting Toby Olubi

Toby competed in the Winter Olympics.  He was part of the British Bobsleigh team.

How tall are you, Toby?

Toby was 6ft 4inches and was very strong.  He explained the importance of keeping healthy and looking after your body and mind.

Keeping fit!

How many pushups can you do?

How quickly can you get into a bobsleigh?

We worked as a team to try and see how quickly we could all jump into our imaginary bobsleigh.  With practise we improved our time.




We were introduced to our focus week of PE, ICT and Languages.  We started learning some French and using Purple Mash on the laptops to create a football game.


We got in the bobsleigh as quickly as possible.  Our quickest time of doing this took 4.2 seconds.


We learned the weather in French.  This week.  ‘Il fait chaud’.  Noah and Charlotte were very helpful with this.


We used sheets to help us learn the alphabet in sign language and then we did the signs in person.  We looked at information and worked out how to sign our names. 


Sports Day was great fun and my (Riley’s) favourite activity was the Long Jump.  Rowan and Olivia came first in the  50m sprint races.

Charlie and Riley




Our week, largely focussed on P.E and languages. Much of our time was spent participating in cycling proficiency and by the end of the week, all the students that took part achieved the required standard!

As part of our languages, with the help of Mrs Adams, we learned the  UK entry song from Eurovision 2018.  We learned this because it was performed in sign language - the whole school performed it on Friday afternoon. Also, we learned greetings in French.

As part of our P.E on Tuesday, the team GB bobsleigh athlete Toby Olubi visited us and talked to us about how he got to the level he's at now.

Friday morning was our annual sports day with lots of races and photo finishes and in the end the winners were Egypt for the first time in seven years!

Alex and Sam Year 6





Our focus week started with a combined sign and sing session with Ash. Mrs Adams was really helpful to us all in demonstrating the signs for us. When Surie started the video someone said, “I can’t hear anything.” We explained this was what is was like to be deaf and how hard it would be to know what was happening if you were deaf and that's how the sign language can be so useful. There was great enthusiasm for the signing song.

We learned french numbers and colours.

We started our topic on the computers. We were doing a geography topic on Australia so we used the paint programme to make an aboriginal painting. Really handy for drawing all those white dots ! We had used the paint programme before but there was obvious progress in the children being able to use the tools of the programme with more accuracy. They really enjoyed this.

In the afternoon we had a tennis session. This was a great opportunity to improve eye and hand coordination. It was quite warm but the children in Beech were enthusiastic about everything and worked really hard.


On Tuesday we started with the song again and we were getting a bit better at all the signs and most of us could do the chorus. We learned the braille alphabet and wrote messages. Mrs Witts sent a link to a braille

secret message site to send to our friends. We also had a go at blind football with blindfolds on and a jingle ball. This was great fun but really tricky and we all appreciated what it must be like to play football without

being able to see.

We had our session with the Olympic Athlete Toby Olubi. Alfie said when he got back ,“Toby is really fit.” We had to pretend we were climbing into a bobsleigh. Sith was the driver and gave us the signals and he had to wear Toby’s massive helmet. We had to cooperate with each other and Toby timed us. We came second and did it in 2.5 seconds.

In the afternoon we tried the deaf signing alphabet.


We learned how to say food words in French. We learned la poisson (fish) le riz (rice)  pizza (pizza) salade (salad).

After that we finished our aboriginal paintings.

Then we had gymnastics with Miss Cotterell and we practised the signing song. We finished the day by designing a shirt on Purple Mash for the World Cup and entered it into the competition for 7 and under.  We are going to look out for them later on the display board.


On Thursday we did a French quiz and managed between us to remember all the vocabulary we had learned, scoring 100%.  We finished off the aboriginal paintings in the morning and went out for some more race


In the afternoon Mrs Limburn came and taught the whole of Ash and Beech some Spanish and this finished with a lively game of Colour Bingo. It was a great session with the youngest children demonstrating some super



The fabulous Focus Week ended with Sports day. It was so nice to see so many parents cheering everyone on and staying for the picnic. What lovely weather for it! The children  supported each other in the games which was great and we were all impressed with the business-like way the teams set about trying to earn points. There was no letting up on the ‘welly wanging’ and everybody kept going right up to the bell ringing.

It was a great end to the Focus week . Beech learned a lot and had a great time doing all the activities.




Ash class took part in a wide variety of activities during the PE, Foreign Languages and ICT focus week.

For PE, we made up a dance to the S Club 7 song, Reach for the Stars, with the help of Miss Cottrell and we will be performing this at our end of year assembly. We also had a session of tennis, physical skills in Forest School and swimming lessons.

For ICT, we played with the Bee Bot programmable toys. We made up some obstacle courses using the big blocks and then had to instruct Bee Bot around the course. During Forest School, we used the Ipads and the cameras to take photos of the environment. We took photos of the flowers and trees in our area but also

photos of our friends enjoying Forest School.

For MFL, we worked hard to learn the song Storm with signing. We understand that some people are hard of hearing and need sign language to help them communicate. On Thursday, Mrs Limburn came and taught us Spanish. We learnt the colours in Spanish, played bingo and completed a colour by number sheet.




At the beginning of the week, me (Freddie) and Toby got all of the class to pick out a country participating in the 2018 World Cup in

Russia. I got Germany, Toby got Peru and Miss Kelland got Russia. Later that day, the class went on Purple Mash and created a World Cup

trophy. The winning child nationally will get their trophy made in 3D, as well as a kit from their chosen county. I hope we win!       


On Tuesday, Toby Olubi from the GB men's Bobsleigh team, came to talk to us about the sport and how he became the success he is today and the sacrifices he made. He did an activity with the class where we had to get into a pretend bobsleigh in the quickest time possible. Unfortunately, we came last because we were the largest team. 

 (Freddie Sullivan and Toby Smith, Year 5)


On Wednesday we had a team building morning with Chris Powell, who is an expert in leadership and fitness for kids. We did lots of social

activities and also discussed what to do if a child was misbehaving in a group. We took part in the following games: tag, under and over, dodge ball and a game of getting the hoop around the circle without disconnecting it. We did some jogging on the spot, star jumps and knee ups. Shortly, Chris will revisit us to see how much we've remembered.   (Charlotte, Year 5)


On Thursday, we spent the day learning sign language. Me (Alice) and Scarlett (who is also writing this) taught the class the alphabet, having previously learnt it in Brownies. The class were successful and can now spell out words, including their names, in sign language. Throughout the week, the entire school had been learning the song 'Storm' from Eurovision in sign language and performed their hard work in Friday Celebration Assembly. In fact, as we are writing this, we burst into song and sign! (Scarlett and Alice, Year 4)


On Friday we had Sports Day and we got into our houses and did a series of round robin activities. There was: netball shooting, golf, darts, hockey, seated throw, long jump, wellington boot throw and football shoot out. Then we did class sprints. I (Toby) came first and Freddie came third, although we were in different races. At the end, Year 6s did their end of year run. Right at the end, Mrs Pennington announced the winning house- EGYPT!!!    (Toby and Freddie, Year 5)