Science Week February 2020

“I am among those who think that science has great beauty” said Marie Curie, a French-polish physicist and chemist.

During science week this year, we certainly tried to create things of beauty to show that we could work scientifically and challenge our thinking! 

In order to encourage a greater sense of school community and foster relationships across all year groups the children were organised into mixed year groups for one lesson a day.  Not only was this very enjoyable but new friendships were formed as the children worked together on their science learning. Each day, the children visited a different teacher and tried a new experiment.  We had:

  • Biscuit dunking to determine which biscuit was best for dunking – funnily enough a taste test was a key requirement!
  • Paper power to determine which paper tower was best to hold an increasing weight of glass marbles. 
  • Parachute Making to design and make parachutes to decide on which was the best size and shape for supporting the weight of Lego characters. 
  • Rocket Balloons to investigate whether string or fishing wire would be the best material to speed their rocket along. 
  • Egg dropping to design and make a protective outer layer so that an egg could be thrown off the 8ft high play fort in the playground and survive!

Each experiment encouraged ‘working scientifically’ skills and allowed the children acquire high quality scientific vocabulary.

Feedback from the children has included comments, such as ’This week has been great’, ‘I wish we could do this more often’, ’I didn’t know I was learning!’ and watching the supportive and encouraging words between big friends and little friends!

We are already looking forward to Science Week 2021!