School Sport

As a progression of our PE curriculum we offer many opportunities for children to compete in school sport. We provide various school clubs during the year including: football, tag rugby, netball, KS1 multi-skills, cricket and rounders to name a few. This provides an opportunity for those children keen on competing to train and possibly represent the school. We regularly take part in:

  • Football, tag rugby and netball leagues for years 3/4 and 5/6.
  • Indoor football - Riddiford Shield.
  • Outdoor 6-aside football tournament.
  • Rounders tournament.
  • Swimming gala
  • District Sports Athletics and Cheltenham Festival Athletics.
  • Country Dance.
  • The KS1 Games.

When we are representing the school, we compete and try our best in all events we do. However, we choose children to compete based on opportunity, not ability, so many children experience school competition. Our philosophy: 

Humble in victory, gracious in defeat

As well as the inter-school sport, we have a team based sports day and a traditional sports day. We also have house sports competitions. All of this helps to build the confidence, resilience and experience of our sporting children. I have received many positive comments about the behaviour of our children when we visit other schools. They play with determination and commitment. They are sporting, polite and show the ethos of sport as it is meant to be.