PE and Sport

Humble in victory, gracious in defeat.

Woodchester Endowed Primary School is very active. PE and Sport are a large part of life here at Woodchester, for all the children and staff. We aim to offer opportunities for all children to enjoy physical activities and sports. We have a fantastic multi-skills based curriculum that feeds into our after school sports clubs that in turn feeds into our school sports teams. There is the opportunity to take part in lots of activity during the week.  This comprises of two hours curriculum PE and the opportunity to take part in two or three after school sports clubs. Our staff are sports enthusiasts and are very keen for our sports teams to compete in local competitions. For a small school, we have built up a healthy reputation in the Stroud district. Many of our pupils, past and present, have joined local sports clubs and gone on to be successful in their secondary schools. 

Please find more details on the pages in this section. The pages are split into two distinct areas: PE Curriculum and School Sport.