Curriculum PE

All inclusive, fun and skill based PE lessons.

PE at Woodchester is non sport specific. We follow a multi-skills based programme designed to develop the children's fundamental movement skills: Agility, Balance and Coordination. The program starts in the playgroup, who do 30 minutes of focused movement activities everyday. Foundation stage and KS1 have four 30 minute sessions each week. It has been advised that short, focused sessions on a regular basis are more effective in developing the children's ABCs (see above). KS2 have two multi-skill based lessons a week. Multi-skill lessons consist of small, skill based tasks focusing on different components that are transferable to many sport situations. These activities progress through KS2 in difficulty and lead to game based activities that use the skills we have been practising. All the activities are inclusive. If PE consisted playing a sport, the children who are good would thrive and the others would become disinterested. I often hear stories of PE lessons from adults and they are not always positive. Our curriculum includes everyone. Teachers have reported high inclusion, enjoyment and a noticeable improvement in fundamental movement skills. And it is a lot of fun.

We encourage five areas of development in PE:

1. Physical - Agility, Balance and Coordination.

2. Social - Coaching, teamwork, communication.

3. Cognitive - Thinking skills, decision making.

4. Creativity - New ways to move, routines, expression.

5. Personal - Reflecting and improving.