MUSIC at Woodchester Endowed Church of England Primary School

Woodchester School is extremely proud of the musical opportunities it provides for all its pupils.

Every child participates enthusiastically in a weekly whole school music assembly and is given opportunities to experience a wide range of singing styles and genres. As well as practising for songs and hymns for worship, this is a community activity which is fun and educational. We teach all the children about musical elements through a vast array of styles and type of song. We often sing as a whole school in up to four parts and the standard of singing is high. The singing quality in assembly has often been remarked on by visitors.

Our school offers all pupils the chance to attend the Young Voices Choir concert three times during their primary education. This involves regular practices and is a very popular extra-curricular activity with a choir of approximately forty children each time.

Participation in lessons is enthusiastic. As a school, we use the Charanga scheme which the children and staff find enjoyable. Each class teacher confidently teaches their own class and staff have been happy to attend the training offered.  Each child’s achievement and effort is reported to parents annually.

All our children get the chance to learn an instrument as we use Gloucestershire Music whole class tuition opportunities. In the past we have learnt violin, trumpet, percussion and next year hope to include flute. This is an activity done within the school day and has led to many children continuing to play instruments. Our children are encouraged to borrow a county instrument to practise and we always publicise the opportunities given to join their music hubs. This year we were chosen to showcase Gloucestershire Music at a concert in Cheltenham Town Hall with our Year 5s.

Peripatetic teachers visit our school. We offer lessons in: drumming, piano, guitar, singing, woodwind and brass. The standard achieved can be Grade 3 and above by the end of Key Stage 2. We offer opportunities to children with pupil premium to have lessons. We also apply for funding for children with complex special needs to have lessons, highly valuing the beneficial, therapeutic qualities of music. We offer a recorder club with differentiated groups. This can often be a child’s first introduction to conventional notation.

Our school has a flourishing orchestra that meets weekly and performs at school events. It has also taken part in King’s School annual orchestra afternoon where children from across the county join as a huge orchestra; a fantastic opportunity for those involved.

Children are given the chance to practise their performance skills and to increase confidence by playing regularly in whole school worship times. The rest of the school are actively encouraged to be a quality audience, listening and appreciating as well as learning from those performing. Every year, we hold a music concert where all children who learn an instrument (both in and out of school) are encouraged to perform to the rest of the school and parents.

Drumming Concert

Here is Phil, our drumming teacher, presenting a drumming concert to the whole school.  Many of his pupils entertained us with their drumming skills.

Our School Band

Here is our band playing lively Christmas music at St. Mary's Church.

Ensemble Playing

Our clarinet and recorder ensemble listen to each other and perform as one.

Music Mark Award 2020

Mr Nick Steele from Glos Music visited us in 2020 to formally present our Music Mark award.



Here we performed ISingPOP at two concerts in St. Mary's.  Great singing and dancing, everyone, and what fun!

Infant Nativity

Our Year 2 children provide band accompaniment during the Infant Nativity.

Soloist Opportunities

Here is one of our talented soloists providing entertainment at the Christmas Fair.