Why is learning about History so important?

History at Woodchester Endowed Church of England Primary School

Aims for our historians.

To ensure that all pupils at Woodchester Endowed C of E Primary School:

  • develop an interest in, and passion for, this subject
  • have a curiosity and understanding of the past in the UK and the wider world
  • learn through high quality and engaging lessons
  • are inspired to think like historians by asking and answering questions, investigating and interpreting evidence and providing reasoned views
  • learn how to empathise with people from different eras
  • think critically about the past and how it has shaped our world today
  • develop a sense of identity through learning about the past

Thematic Approach

Children are likely to be more engaged in their learning if it has a context and theme that runs through it. Our topic-based curriculum provides many cross curricular opportunities and helps children to make links across the different subjects studied.


Our History curriculum is enriched with opportunities to visit historical buildings and places of interest which offer unique environments to immerse children in learning experiences that provoke imagination and develop subject knowledge.

Children express their learning through art, drama, discussion and writing. Themed days, where the children dress in character and experience life in the time period, deepen the learning and are a great source of enjoyment. During the year, commemorations and anniversaries of important historical events are recognized and celebrated.