Geography in Key Stage 2

Geography in Key Stage 2

During KS2, the children expand their knowledge and understanding, by looking at more distant places around the world, depending on their topic. Their learning focuses not only on the human aspects of our planet; but also on the physical and environmental aspects as well. This area of study also helps them to realise how important it is to look after the environment, for their own benefit as well as for others.

They will use maps and other resources to locate the world’s countries and develop a deeper understanding and vocabulary of the geography curriculum.

They will learn key aspects of human and physical geography.

All children have access to outdoor learning in geography, using our school grounds and the local area, as well as trips further afield.

Examples of Topics:

How much Of Our World have you seen?

Why Are the Stroud Valleys such a good place to live?

Why are the Rivers Severn and Nile important to their areas?

Rocks, soils and fossils

Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest

Y6 learning about the Water Cycle.

Mapping skills

Exploring and investigating fossils together.

Hawthorn class investigating soil.

Our visitor helping us to think about chocolate and how the impact this has on people, places and our environment.