Forest School

Woodchester Endowed Forest School


At Woodchester Endowed Primary School we offer the children the opportunity to experience Forest School and adhere to the Principles of Forest School (Source: Forest School Association, 2018):

  • Long term process of regular sessions
  • Takes place in a woodland or natural environment
  • Uses a range of learner centred processes
  • Aims to promote the holistic development of all those involved
  • Offers learners the opportunities to take supported risks
  • Run by qualified practitioners who develop and maintain their professional practice

We believe that there are many benefits to our pupils when they take part in Forest School:

  • Physical Development – children are encouraged to explore the natural environment, involving balancing and climbing and can develop their fine motor skills with the use of tools during activities
  • Self-esteem - Healthy self-esteem in children is fostered by allowing them to take risks and completing challenges that involve creative thinking skills and building competence in tasks.
  • Confidence - In Forest School we allow children the freedom to explore their own learning but be there if they need our support. By scaffolding learning skills, e.g. whittling, we can give them the confidence to have a go and achieve success
  • Emotional Intelligence - working in social groups builds empathy and self-regulation and offering child led activities breeds motivation.

Resilience - In Forest School we encourage the “have-a-go” attitude by ensuring that failures are “the first attempt in learning.”

What do our Forest School sessions look like?

At Woodchester Endowed Forest School we are very fortunate to have a spacious site which includes a garden, a wildlife area and a larger wooded area. In the last year the PTA have been instrumental in clearing the site and making it safe for the children. Our Forest School Leader, Mrs Holmes, teaches the children skills such as whittling, fire making and den building. Children are free to chose from a variety of activities and are always encouraged to be respectful of the natural environment.

Woodland Working Party

Recently, members of the school community and beyond spent a Saturday improving the outdoor and woodland area.  Many hands made light work and now children have a magical area to explore and enjoy.  

Musical Fun!

Our brand new and unique Woodchester woodland xylophone.

Maisie's Garden

Maisie's garden is now looking smarter with new bedding plants and chippings.

Forest School Kitchen

Let your creative imagination run riot in the Forest School kitchen.