Welcome to Willow Class Year 6

A welcome to Class Willow, by Deputy Head and Class Teacher Mr Smith.

Class Willow is special.  It is the last year of primary school together as a team, for most children, the last of a seven-year journey at Woodchester before setting off to begin secondary school life in a myriad of different settings.  

As the only single year group class in school, the children in Class Willow feel very close and strongly bonded as a team.  They are an important team; they have responsibilities within the school to help with its smooth-running: Worship monitors, library monitors as well as supporting younger children and acting as role models for the rest of the pupils in the school.

They have challenges ahead to prepare for, including end- of- Key- Stage assessments.  As a small class, they benefit from a quieter atmosphere, in which they can concentrate and focus on consolidating and extending their primary education to secure solid foundations for the future.

The transition to secondary school is a significant milestone and, whilst in Class Willow, the children are well prepared for this, sharing thoughts and feelings with their peers.  We focus too on enabling them to be safer in the wider world with cycling proficiency courses and further focus on internet safety awareness.  We also host tea parties for older people to strengthen ties in the community and learn about democracy and the British justice system.

They end their successful journeys at Woodchester with celebrations in Gloucester Cathedral, a fabulous Shakespeare production, an emotional Leavers' Service and a joyous summer BBQ!

In the words of the children, "Class Willow is awesome!"